Duletai New Material

of durable, future-proof material.


We're offering a full range of services for almost any industrial fabric related company.

Duletai is equipped with advanced PVC knife coating, lamination, calendaring, knitting, woven fabric and slitting equipments. With great attention to scientific management and technical innovation, Duletai New Material has developed the PVC tarpaulin material series, garden fence materials, projection screen materials, window curtain fabric and printing materials which are primarily exported to Western Europe, Eastern Europe, North America, South America, Southeast Asia and other regions in the world. Duletai lays emphasis on building a team which combines political integrity with professional competence and advocates mutual trust between enterprise and employees, so as to have an experienced and high-quality manufacture, sales and R&D team. After years of product innovation and market development, Duletai constantly improves the product quality and corporate image, and always devotes to providing customers with quality products and considerate services.

Pre-sale Services

Our sales manager will answer all your questions before you place order.

  • Instant price quote
  • Product consultation
  • Market protection
  • Shipping cost caculation

Technical Services

Experienced engineers of our factory will work togther to serve customers.

  • Product specification
  • Product formulation
  • Production engineering
  • Certificates & Test report

Value-added Services

One-stop solution for international buyers. Save cost and time for clients.

  • Outsourcing
  • Accessories repurchasing
  • Sample book design & producing
  • Exclusive distribution agressment


We're offering a full range of customized fabricating services to deal with special needs of customer. To save cost and improve effeciency for the end user.

High speed, wildly used for air duct tubes and covering tarps.



Slit full width tarpaulin rolls into smaller ones. Used for ventilation or fence screen strips.

hf welding

RF Welding

Accurate, air tight, strong bonding, used for complex objects like liners.

Welding tooling

Welding Tooling

Customized tooling for welding. Increase or reduce the bonding strength on purpose.

tarpaulin sewing


Join different types of materials, high speed. Used for tarps and covers.

Customized mold for special plastic parts. Can be any shape, dimension and structure.


We're offering a full range of customized packaging solutions for customer. To avoid material damage during the transportation and reduce the wastage for the end users.

Water proof, transparent, easy to identify material. Widly used for PVC tarps.

Big roll

Save container space and reduce wastage for end user. Packed with tarpaulin material.

hard paper tube

Hard paper tube

Best protection, high cost and take up extra container space. Used for high value material.



For small quantity LCL shipment, we can provide wood/plastic pallet packing.

craft paper

Craft paper

Good protection, low cost, most widly used packing material for PVC tarps.

For material with high requirement of flatness, we can provide wood crates or frame packing.

Customer Centric Service

Our sales manager has 10+year experience in this field. We have comprehensive knowledge and resources both in production and international business. All your requirements and problems will be handled professionally.

Joint R&D

Our research and development section is open to our clients. We are willing to share new technology and work with our cleints together to upgrade their products and developing new ones together.

Suprior Quality Control

We focus on durable products and long term business relationship with clients. Stable quality is the first consideration. We have fabric testing lab and quality traceability system to eusure everthing is undercontrol.


  • Manufacturing
  • Service
  • QC
  • R&D
  • OEM



Duletai has been a fast growing industrial textile manufacturer and meanwhile we keep helping our customers sourcing related products of our industry. Due to the COVID-19, customer can not visit trade shows and factories also the ocean freight has increased over 300%, so it is very important to have one supplier who is capable of handling the full process including on-site inspection and accordinate with other suppliers to make full use of the container space. We are located in Zhejiang province which has the world-class supply chain, so we can source almost all the main products on the market. By the end of 2020, we setup a special department called Duletai SELECT as a china outsourcing supplier to solve the pain points of our customers . We consider Duletai SELECT as a part of our value added service and only available for clients already placed order for our main products.

  • Best cost: We chose valuable suppliers from the supply chain of our area. As a regular buyer and domestic business, we can get a lower “old friend” price than our clients.
  • Risk management: As a local business, we have the background checking and risk management skill to avoid fraud and dishonest quality issue.
  • Service: Experienced sales team with the knowledge and experience for out-sourced products.
  • Quality assurance: QC team and quality control system to assure the out sourced item has the same premiun quality as the product we made by our own.
  • Logistics: Get lowest ocean/air freight from the forwarders who worked with us for many years, all LCL and FCL shipments can be swiftly arranged at the lowest cost.
  • Coordinate: Customer has the needs to combine multiple items from different factories, we have warehouse and labor to gather the goods from them and temporary store the goods before loading.
  • OEM/ODM: Some customer need our material processed into ready made products according to their design. For example, slit material rolls into multiple 9cm wide rolls, add eyelets/ropes, cut and weld into bags/covers or inflatable objects, 3D printed plastic/nylon parts, send to lab for testing, full colour boxes, special designed package…etc All these needs can be fulfilled by us.


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