Readymade pvc tarpaulin products OEM/ODM

Since 2017, we have established a facility to make finished custom tarpaulin products for our customers as a one stop solution. At Duratarps, we provide a wide range of custom tarpaulin products fabrication service for every purpose, Equipped with material cutting, welding, sewing machine, we can supply the readymade product with customized pvc tarpaulin material according to customers request. Shape and dimension will be strictly follow customer's design.

Hot Air Welding

High speed, wildly used for air duct tubes and covering tarps.


Slit full width tarpaulin rolls into smaller ones. Used for ventilation or fence screen strips.

RF Welding

Accurate, air tight, strong bonding, used for complex objects like liners.

Welding Tooling

Customized tooling for welding. Increase or reduce the bonding strength on purpose.


Join different types of materials, high speed. Used for tarps and covers.

Customized mold for special plastic parts. Can be any shape, dimension and structure.

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